Library Currently Closed. Opening Soon! Community Fridge very much open - every day!

Welcome to the “Business End” of our web site! This is where you can check out our terms and conditions, join up, browse our selection of “things” and make a reservation. If it's all a bit “high tech” for you, you can always have a browse through our things and do the rest in person or by 'phone. We don't mind! As long as everyone can get what they need, we're happy.

There's more to our Community Share Shop than a Library of Things. We host our hugely busy Community Fridge (free food for anyone who can use it and keep it out of the waste system) the Uniform Exchange (for schools around the area, not just Bugle) and even a DVD and Book Exchange.

How We Work while Covid-19 runs free. If you want to make an appointment and come in while the Community Share Shop is closed, you are most welcome. We now quarantine and clean items when they are returned, so we only let things out on a Friday, then they're ready to go the next Friday. We have invested in several pieces of equipment to help sanitise all sorts of items, and we've put items that encourage illegal activity (like having a party) on furlough. The borrower still agrees to return the item clean and complete, but we don't expect borrowers to do any extra cleaning or disinfecting. We only allow one person or family group in our shop at a time so please be prepared to wait outside if you turn up on spec.





If you decide to join the Library of Things, you will need to sign the "Library Use" policy, which can be viewed at the bottom of the "create account" link, even if you don't actually fill in the form. 

You will additionally have to sign a "Waiver and Indemnification" before you can borrow an item, and you can view that here.



You can lodge a membership request with the "create account" tab at the top of this page. You will need to pop into the library with your photo-ID and your utility bill (or similar) proof of address, then we can set up your account while you wait.

Membership is £5 per year, for which you get access to our items, free personal protection equipment if you hire something which needs it, and a £5 credit after your first five loans.

How to find us:

We're in central Bugle, about 100 yards up the hill from the traffic lights, towards Stenalees. That's the A391, half way between St Austell and Bodmin, just to the south (St. Austell side) of the A30 Innis Downs junction.

You won't miss our shop because it's painted bright green!

Find us on Google Maps.